GraphGeneral Corporation ( C Corp.)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) refers to general corporations as “C” Corporations. Forming a C Corporation allows a business owner to create a separate legal structure that can shield their personal assets from judgments against the business. Unless a corporation applies for S Corporation status, the IRS taxes corporate profits as well as dividends paid to shareholders. We refer to this scenario as “double taxation.” Double taxation refers to corporate and shareholder taxes. Corporations must pay taxes on their earnings. Individual shareholders must also pay taxes on any dividends they receive.

How You Can Benefit from a C Corporation?

Limited liability for directors, officers, shareholders, and employees
Attract investors through the sale of shares
Can issue more than one type of stock (example: common and preferred class)
Perpetual existence, even if a shareholder leaves the business
Can deduct ordinary business expenses as well as benefits to employees

Services We offer to C Corporations

Tax (Plannng Corporation’s Future)

    • Corporate tax research and planning
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    • Corporate tax compliance
    • Sales and Use tax
    • Payroll tax
    • Business and property tax

Consulting (Where is the Corporation headed?)

    • Forcasts and Projections
    • Business plan and design
    • Computer accounting systems
    • Design, maintenance and assistance
    • Year End Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Cash and asset management

Accounting (Monitor Growth)

    • Write-up and compilation of financial statements
    • Payroll, sales and use tax, and property tax preparation
    • Budgeting, Forecast modeling and cash flow management
    • Tax preparation and planning services
    • Internal control analysis
    • Accounting staff training

Assurance (Satisfy customers and investors)

    • Financial statements audit
    • Reviews
    • Compilation

Advisory (Safeguard Assets)

  • SOX 404 Compliance


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