Consulting and Accounting

Consulting and Accounting Services

Reliable accounting information is a basic ingredient for successful business and financial management. Timely and accurate tax reports are needed to meet government requirements MTAAS’s Accounting Services team evaluates the needs of new and established businesses. We also provide solutions to maximize the efficiency of your company’s financial reporting systems.

With the MTAAS’s accounting services team performing many of your day-to-day accounting functions, you are free to focus on managing your core business. Our services range from basic bookkeeping through to the complete outsourcing of the finance and advisory function and related activities. For some clients, we perform their entire accounting function, from opening the mail to analyzing their financial results with them. They prefer us to conduct these functions, rather than hire their own bookkeepers. For others, we provide training and supervision for their own accounting employees and consult with them about their financial affairs on a day to day basis. Most of our clients’ needs fall between these two services.

Key Services:

  • Bookkeeping and compilation of financial statements
  • Payroll, sales tax, and property tax preparation
  • Forecast modeling and cash flow management
  • Tax preparation and planning services
  • Internal control analysis
  • Accounting staff training

Other Services:

  • Design and implementation of Client Managed Accounting Systems
  • Advisory role for formulating / monitoring budgets.
  • Providing back office support on various accounting needs.
  • Fixed assets register.
  • Related party transactions.
  • Deferred Taxation.
  • Segmental reporting.

Feeling overwhelmed by the selection of a new accounting system?

Implementing or changing accounting software is a big undertaking. The cost of the software is a fraction of the total cost of the project.

The selection process should be done very carefully. It is also good to have a selection methodology. Our staff of experienced accountants and CPA’s can assist in developing user procedures, implementing internal controls, and training staff centered around new or existing systems within the organization.
We work with clients at their work sites, their offices, their desks and train on their own data to ensure their proper understanding of new systems and procedures and to instill confidence at all levels.

System Design & Implementation Services include:

  • Design of accounting systems & procedures.
  • Design of chart of accounts.
  • Review of existing accounting systems.
  • Setting up a comprehensive financial policy and procedures manual.
  • Alignment of existing accounting systems with new accounting standards.
  • Design & review of other systems e.g. CRM, E-Commerce, Messaging, etc.


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