Micro Tax, Audit & Accounting Services, LLP (MTAAS, LLP)

Where your financials are done right!
Where our profession is better served!


We always believe:
  • Each client is our most important asset.
  • We serve to elaborate, make transparent and utilize new opportunities.
  • When things are done right at a micro level, great things happen.


We continually Ask:
  • How can we serve our “Clients” better?
  • How can we provide better “Tax, Assurance & Compliance Services”?
  • How can we assist clients reach their “Full Potential”?
  • How can we “maximize client’s benefits”?
  • How can we “minimize client’s risks”?
  • How can we assist clients to “move to the next level”?
  • How can we be an improved “Team of skilled Professionals”?


Call us today at (408) 98 My Tax/(408) 986 9829 or (408) 986 9826 and get answers to your questions. You can also email us at support@microtaxcpa.com or fax us at (408) 986 9831.